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We have 100's of new items including books, Vinyl, CD's, and DVD's being added every month, so please make sure you keep checking back! We also have our own walk-in 'not for profit' store opened up in Glasgow's West End. at The Hidden Lane, 1103 Argyle Street, and not only does it carry a massive stock of our own DVD's, Books, Vinyl, CD's and more, but it also focuses on the local (and not so local!) unsigned and independent acts we know and love, and they get 100% of the sale money back!

NHC MUSIC are a group of people committed to helping with the ongoing promotion and development of unsigned and independent bands and musicians throughout Scotland and beyond, and all at no cost to them. Our main aim is to help bands and musicians on the road to self-funding - by selling their music and merchandise for them, without taking a cut of the pie ourselves! We guarantee new items added every single day so please do bookmark us and keep coming back.
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NHC MUSIC, as of January 31st 2014, will be donating 10% of all shop profits made by itself (including any tickets and merchandise purchased online via the shop) and donating them to a charity of the peoples choice, decided by you via a vote on our Facebook page, every...single...year. No matter how big we get, or how much money we make, you have our word that every year YOU THE PEOPLE get to decide where that lump sum goes! Please visit our Facebook page and 'like' it to keep updated on everything NHC MUSIC related. NHC MUSIC believes in fairness for all, and that none should have it all while others have none, so feed the music, not the corporations. 

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